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I don't get it. How does buying a Quiksilver hat help Mallacoota? Quiksilver's not even located in Mallacoota!

Image by Alexander Popov

Phil's Surf Shack sells Quiksilver hats. By doing this, he can afford to employ Luci full time in addition to a couple of other people in part time positions. By having good employment, Luci can afford to head on over to Cafe 54 and buy lunch on a Friday. By doing that she's not only supporting Tracy, who can keep her doors open and feed our town, but she can also employ Kirsty. Kirsty can then go buy her groceries at Foodworks just down the road. And on and on. You can see where I'm going with this. 

If those Quiksilver hats don't sell, Phil's in the hole. He can't afford to keep Luci on. She can't afford her rent let alone go and buy lunch at Cafe 54. Luci has to move to Melbourne to look for a job. That adds to the traffic congestion. That's why you should buy the hat!  

Can I order an esky - but swap the shirt for my size?


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Sorry! We put this program together in a whirlwind 5 days. We're working on how we can make it more user friendly, and when we figure it out, we'll let you know! Custom sizing is one of the issues we're working on. But at this point, what's on the website is all that is on offer! Individual Mallacoota Hoodies are available at Sue's Bribes at www.suesbribes.com

Can I ship internationally?

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YES! Well kind of. We've added the USA and will expand soon!