My Mallacoota Esky is a community led initiative to help preserve the economic stability of Mallacoota during the recovery period.

Created by Vanessa Janss, and assisted by Jodie York, Megan Richardson, Melinda Wadsworth and Rachel Hargreaves of non profit tourism organisation Mallacoota Events Inc., this program is designed to not only stimulate the economy of the town, but highlight the range of products, experiences, and artwork on offer locally.

Many businesses earn anywhere between 50% and 100% of their annual income during the peak season.

This 2019/2020 summer, some businesses were unable to even open their doors due to lack of visitors. Assistance is necessary now, before the effects of this disaster are irreparable.

With new eskies, calls to action, and recovery info posted daily, follow our Instagram and Facebook to follow Mallacoota's journey.

Vanessa in the firebreak on happier days. 

Photo: Rachel Mounsey

Unfortunately, Vanessa has learned first hand the affects of this disaster on local livelihoods as her own holiday rental business was lost in the flames and her permanent rental property sustained severe structural damage.

While her own businesses may be gone, she did not want to see others' follow suit while something could still be done to support them. 

Due to the swift need for this initiative, this site and project was funded through several thousand dollars of personal savings and volunteered time. No margins are added in the creation of these products - all profits go directly back into the businesses involved. In the interest of sustainability, she is currently seeking funding for operational costs. In the mean time, My Mallacoota Esky will be accepting donations to keep this program running. 

© 2020 by Vanessa Janss

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