Thank you for your support of My Mallacoota Esky

& Mallacoota Small Business

One year on from the fires that devastated the town of Mallacoota, things are continuing on their slow path to normalcy. We are heartened to see many people continuing to visit Mallacoota and to experience the beauty and peace that the area still has to offer.

The My Mallacoota Esky project was one to support the businesses in Mallacoota while people were unable visit in person. Those times, hopefully, are behind us and we will be wrapping up the service for the time being. Any orders that have already been made will be shipped as usual.

Please continue to support our little town!


     On New Years Eve 2019, Mallacoota was thrust into the international spotlight when thousands of residents and holiday makers sheltered for their lives on the water's edge as fire tore through the township.

Usually a bustling holiday town, Mallacoota was left devastated and deserted for weeks as access was impossible and resources were short.

As the town begins its long road to rebuilding the physical damage, the economic effects are beginning to show. Many business are struggling under the severe financial effects of missing an entire high season.

The Empty Esky movement is an popular and effective way to help support these affected areas. It's the best way to experience Mallacoota while putting tourist dollars back in the pockets that need it most!

But what if you just can't get there? Mallacoota is six hours away from pretty much everywhere!!

My Mallacoota Esky can come to you! Fill  your virtual e-esky with a collection of products from the Mallacoota township, and with a simple click of a button, your esky will be on its way to you!

My Mallacoota Esky has something special for everyone on your list. Grab a great gift for your loved ones, while also giving the gift of economic stability to our fire affected town. New Eskies are added daily, so follow our socials for new stock, calls to action, profiles on the town, and the most up to date information on Mallacoota's recovery as it happens!